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Featured Artist of the Week

Nikki Yeager

Bio/Story: When I was 19 I dropped out of college. A few months later I moved to Cambodia and worked for a non-profit outside of Siem Reap. Over the next 6 months I fell in love with the culture and history. What impacted me the most was the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge. Just about 30 years ago there was a mass genocide in Cambodia. Over 1/3 of the population was murdered including the entire educated class. Which later inspired me to do the piece “A little more than 30 years ago”

Since I’ve been back in the U.S. I’ve done quite a few works from my life abroad. You can now find my work at several venues in New York City. For a full list of my shows and dozens of photos, check out my website and/or Facebook group.
I’m currently working on a large piece that I’m hoping will be my best yet. Check my website in about two weeks for pictures!

Contact Nikki at:

Facebook Group – Nikki Yeager Rocks My Socks
Website – NikkiYeager.com
Twitter – @NikkiYeager


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Hej Lena! Finfina bilder.

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  • Asma: wonderful share thanks it will help me with photoshop
  • Gina: It's disgusting. I won't even watch the video... I'd likely be scarred. She should be tracked down and prosecuted. Make an example of her. She loo
  • Shari: So pretty and inspirational! I LOVE the idea of living and dreaming in color - sometimes that vibrancy can truly light up the world :-)


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