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If you want to reduce the amount of time you spend on post processing and get amazing results with your photos, Lightroom presets can be the answer. Here at Preset Kingdom we offer all of our presets in one collection that will allow you to create a wide range of effects very easily. The bundle includes 14 different packs of presets and a total of 300 presets that will totally change your work in Lightroom. These presets can be used in Lightroom 4, 5, 6, or CC and on a Mac or a PC.

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Matte Lightroom Presets

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Portrait Lightroom Presets

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Detail Lightroom Presets

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Mono Lightroom Presets
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Lomo Lightroom Presets

When you purchase this bundle you will get access (usually immediately, the email may take up to 30 minutes to arrive) to download all 14 of the preset packs shown above. In total you will get 300 presets that will help you to create just about any look or effect you could need. In order to use the presets you will need either Lightroom 4, Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6, or Lightroom CC. Installation instructions are provided in the download.

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What a dilemma explaining this to the average person.
I was at party shooting the night away, capturing the magic and moments that were. But after 5 hours, my battery finally gave out. So, thinking I had shot enough, someone asked to please shoot some more with their DSLR. The deal was that she would let me download the pictures with the condition I would also load them to her laptop since the camera was given to her as present and she didn’t know squat about it, let alone download pictures. I agreed.

The next day, we set up and I begin to download the pictures onto her laptop. But to our surprise, nothing was coming up but little white blank squares. She looked at me and I looked at her. She was like, “where are the pictures?” Well, apparently someone had set the her Nikon camera to shoot in RAW. Her laptop of course didn’t have the program to read/convert them to be seen and my program was in my PC back at home. It took me 20 minutes to try to explain what possibly happened and the differences between RAW and JPEG to this kind lady and that I could fix it. Well, I put the RAW files in my thumb drive and the very next day, emailed her the shots. Everybody happy and I learned a new lesson.

Wish I had this video handy.

Shooting in RAW versus JPEG

Art is powerful, free flowing and from the heart. It can send a powerful message if you open your eyes and your mind.

I stumbled upon this artist David Garibaldi, he is crafty and free flowing with his paintbrush. He tries to share his art all over the world. To bring people together of every race and language. With his art you do not need to speak the language to know what it means.

His work is very inspiring. Check him out and be inspired to create! http://garibaldiarts.com/

All the best,


This morning while on the public transit, this photo was on the front page. It was about a girl who was throwing puppies into a river. I watched the video and was just shocked at her actions. The poor little pups were crying and she just laughed and tossed.

How do you feel about this? Do you think the world is taking this to seriously? Are we giving animals more rights then they should have? Let me know what you think.

Here is a link to the video. (caution: animal cruelty)


Hey guys. Been trying to offer clients more bang for there buck by trying to build and add collages for pictures packages. Looking online for new ways to arrange pictures, I came across a website that does it for you for free! With a quick download and overview, I made a few in a couple of minutes. Have fun peoples.


Today I would like to introduce the newest addition and collaborator to HiddenYou. His name is Tropikal Sunshine, a photographer based out of Florida. His work is very amazing and inspiring. http://alex42na.wordpress.com/

With his creative skills and mind set this website will be bigger, better and filled with tons of inspiration.

Welcome, partner!

So a month or so ago, I stumbled upon (on the Internet) a hotel in Brussels called, Pantone Hotel. Its’s every graphic designer and interior designers dream place to go to. Each room is designed with the colors from the pantone color wheel, and a little legend is on the side of the wall to let you know the colors used in the room.

Its has that very sleek, minimalist look to it, as with many european hotels. This hotel comes with Free Wi-fi, Flat screen TV, meeting/conference room.

Whenever I have the opportunity to again travel to Europe, I would love to go to Brussels and stay a night or two at this Hotel to be inspired and dream in color.

Here is the website: http://www.pantonehotel.com/en/home

All the best,


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  • Asma: wonderful share thanks it will help me with photoshop
  • Gina: It's disgusting. I won't even watch the video... I'd likely be scarred. She should be tracked down and prosecuted. Make an example of her. She loo
  • Shari: So pretty and inspirational! I LOVE the idea of living and dreaming in color - sometimes that vibrancy can truly light up the world :-)