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The very first issue of the HiddenYou e-zine is ready for people to download. Check it out and let me know what you think. Do not forget to subscribe to us and keep coming back for more, and let us know what you would like to see in the next issue. Writers are welcomed!

Download e-zine: http://www.4shared.com/file/202676862/9ad96e7c/HiddenYou_Issue1.html

Thanks alot!!


Congrats to 4t for sharing his work with us!
Please view his work under the Feature Artist of the Week.
He has a lot of wonderful photos on his site.


Are you guys and gals out there interested in creating an online portfolio of your work, but just don’t know where to start, and need some inspiration.

I stumbled across this website today and had to share it with all of you. I enjoy sharing my findings with others, in hopes they can benefit from it.

So check out this website and see 25 of the best photography portfolios.


Have a great weekend!


I heard of the website www.lynda.com for awhile now. I kept saying to myself is it really worth 25 bucks per/month. I decided last month to try it out.
I actually like it and have learned a tremendous amount of information in a short course of time.
On the website you can learn about Photoshop, tips for photographers, Microsoft word, After Effects, etc.
You name it they have it.
They also have a very nice section called: Creative Inspiration, and they’re mini-documentaries about people out in the world doing what they love.

I think if you have $25 to spare for just one month I would check out this website.

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Congrats to Gary who is our feature artist of the week!!!


Check out his work, its wonderful.

All the best,


It’s been awhile since I have done this, but the feature artist of the week is back. 

Check out the artist in the spotlight.


If you would like to be a feature artist go to the how to submit link, and have your work featured for a week.

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Hello Everyone!
Started a new job so it is taking up most of my time. Here is a website I think you will enjoy. On this website is a list of 115 insanely useful photoshop links. Def check it out!



All the best,


So on March 21st I attended the Cut and Paste event in New York.

It was an easy to find location with nearby parking.

The people who ran the event were very friendly.

After getting your ticket you are directed to the upstairs portion of the building. When you enter the room the first thing you see are the five big  flat screens floating above the contestants on stage.

There are four designers on the stage at a time, each designer get his own screen for people to look at their work-in-progress. On the fifth screen each of the designer get a little solo air time  on the main screen.

There are three categories that compete.

  • 2D
  • 3D
  • Motion Graphics

Each of the categories are given an alloted time of 15-20 minutes to complete a certain theme. They are not allowed to have anything pre-made to bring into the competition, everything must be created there. The cool thing about it is that they can use anything in the building to create their piece. So, if they want to take a photo of the audience or scan a flyer they are allowed to do it. As long as it is during competing time and objects in the room.

They have judges walking around looking at their work talking amongst themselves. The judges work in the creative world and critic them on their creative ways to execute the idea that was given to them to accomplish in 15 minutes. 

The crowd cheers the designers on when they are getting closer to the finish line. At first when they begin the crowd is almost silent looking in amazement on how they execute their craft.

Its standing room only with a bar to buy something to drink. There are booth all around to find out information about certain products or to even purchase them.

There is a 4th competition called Audience Design Contest. In this one there are computers set up and people can come up and create something and submit it to hopefully win a nice prize.

The event lasted from 7:30-10:30. 

You must be 21 to attend. 

I truly recommend people going to one. They are held all over: New York, Toronto, Chicago,  and overseas. The tickets are cheap and you are surrounded by like minded people, so this is another opportunity to network.

Cut & Paste is a social arena for the discovery, advocacy, and elevation of design.

I have a little video I will post up soon from it!

All the best, 


Congrats to our feature artist of the the week Anastacia Petropavlovskaja!


Looking for some photoshop tutorials to try out and to add a few more skills under your belt check out this website for:
41 Nicest Photoshop Photo Effects



All the best, 


  • Asma: wonderful share thanks it will help me with photoshop
  • Gina: It's disgusting. I won't even watch the video... I'd likely be scarred. She should be tracked down and prosecuted. Make an example of her. She loo
  • Shari: So pretty and inspirational! I LOVE the idea of living and dreaming in color - sometimes that vibrancy can truly light up the world :-)



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